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Got Vertical?

Are you struggling with your current online marketing?


Confused as to how to start advertising online?


Worried about the cost?

If you have any questions similar to these, do yourself a favor and contact Vertical Marketing Group! You will receive:


  • Free evaluation of your current situation

  • Free suggestions on an online marketing plan


Budget sizes do not matter, VMG has worked with budgets of $200-$200,000 per month!

We specialize in showing you RESULTS via marketing and advertising.

>   online marketing (ppc, sem, seo)

​>   business development

​>   google adwords certified

​>   online video production

​>   branding

​>   viral and email marketing

​>   social media

>   full service advertising management

>   mobile app development/advertising

Vertical Marketing Group, located in Milford, CT, is an Offical Partner of Google!


  • Google Partner

  • Google Certified in Adwords

  • Official Google City Partner





203-951-6224 or Email:


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