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EL Lumber Company Launches New Website... MLB is Paying Attention!

The EL Lumber Company is a wood baseball bat manufactorer based out of Connecticut. Eric Lehrer, Founder and CEO, and his small team specialize in manufacturing safe, durable, high performance bats for players of all ages. Something truly special! Their bats will help players elevate their game to the next level, while making the game safer by decreasing the rate of broken bats. "For us, making baseball bats is a way of life." says Mr. Lehrer.

The custom baseball bat company is starting to gain attention throughout the professional baseball circle, including Major League Baseball itself. Because of the bright future ahead EL Lumber Company decided to upgrade their image, starting with their website. "After multiple attempts of trying to find the right company, it was clear that we found our digital partner for the long haul." says Eric.

Partnering with Vertical Marketing Group (VMG) in December 2015 was a great decision for both parties. VMG is a digital marketing and web development company based out of Milford, CT. "They are a small enough company to give my project the attention it needed but they are also beyond talented which produced the website I have been looking for." says Eric. Mark Kaminski is the CEO of VMG and stated that "Working with the EL Lumber team was a true pleasure. Being sports fans ourselves helped us really dig deep on this project and ensure a great user experience for everyone looking for the best wood baseball bat on the market today.".

The new website,, was released to the world on Monday 1/11/16 and can now be enjoyed by baseball players across the country.

Eric started his dream in 2006, after witnessing multiple injuries related to broken bats at all levels. His passion for medicine and careers in EMS and nursing, fueled his desire to find a way to make the game of baseball safer. At E.L. Lumber Company we have developed a partnership with the finest lumber yards in North America, local arborists, and top digital technology scientists in an attempt to educate ourselves on how to increase durability and performance while maintaining the tradition and integrity of the game...using one solid piece of wood.

Rule 1.10 (a)

"The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more then 42 inches in length. The bat shall be ONE piece of solid wood. "

- Official MLB Rules 2014

For more information about EL Lumber Company, please visit

For more information about Vertical Marketing Group, please visit


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